Oblo furniture stands out with rounded fronts made of MDF, the fronts are in white gloss and they can be combined with a wooden insert of Arizona pine decor, or with an elegant version with
an insert of acrylic mirror.

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Soft-close mechanism
Easy cleaning – stain-resistant material
Complete drawing out of the drawers – the storage of items made easier
Drawer capacity: 30 kg
Selection of inserts
Moisture resistant material
Rounded edges made of MDF
Element is sold exclusively with Luxury bathroom sinks

Wall-mounted vanity unit with 2 drawers Arizona pine insert
W/D/H 60 x 46 x 54.5 cm
W/D/H 80 x 46 x 54.5 cm

Wall-mounted vanity unit 2 drawers mirror insert
W/D/H 60 x 46 x 54.5 cm
W/D/H 80 x 46 x 54.5 cm

Mirror with LED lighting
W/D/H 60 x 4.5 x 80 cm
W/D/H 80 x 4.5 x 80 cm

Wall-mounted cabinet 2 doors Arizona pine insert
W/D/H 30 x 35 x 150 cm

Wall-mounted cabinet 2 doors mirror insert
W/D/H 30 x 35 x 150 cm

A valuable 50-year tradition woven into inspiring designer solutions for your bathroom. Its practical but clever design has followed generations of our families for decades. The Armal brand guarantees bathroom products of superior quality and design, which give the space a sense of security and the feeling that, in our bathroom, everything is just right. Our team develops new and exciting products for the contemporary bathroom, which will inspire you and provide solutions for many things in your life. This story started in 1967, when Mariborska livarna started producing the first Armal faucets. With their characteristics, which leave nothing to worry about, this brand stood out as the leader on the market.