How to get the best job?

We at Nord Produkt are aware that only quality people can perform quality jobs. Besides, we have been taught by experience that customers and partners will only return to us if they can trust us and rely on us.

Does it match your business/work habits?
Excellent! Join our team and become part of a promising company! We don't lack challenges, training and discovering new things.

The key to everything is development

Nord Produkt has strong business development. The key to our success is constant improvement – from satisfied customers and employees to the quality of products and environmentally aware production.

Also, we at Nord Product encourage the personal and professional development of employees, while believing that it is important to establish a balance between business success and family values. We would like to be joined by professionals who wish to prove themselves, but who can also nourish quality business relations.

How can you contribute to the growth and development of Nord?

Production of furniture and faucets
We manufacture top quality bathroom furniture and kitchens, and our manufacturing plants also produce Nord, Armal and Schmidler faucets.

Central services
Sales, retail, marketing, finances, strategy and development, human resources, general affairs and other business functions that round off our business.

How to become a part
of the NORD PRODUKT team

Open cover letter
If you would like to become a part of the Nord Produkt team, send us your resume and an open cover letter to:
We will contact you when a position for an employee with your profile opens.
If you are still a student, don't worry − there is a place for you at Nord Produkt. Apply!

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