A classic design that fits into any space.

Three little tricks in kitchen design


Adjust the height of the elements to yourself and the members of your household. The feet of basic elements can be 100 mm or 150 mm high, so tall members of the household do not need to stoop in the kitchen.

Three little tricks in kitchen design


When designing a kitchen, the position of the stove, refrigerator and sink is extremely important. If the space allows, it is recommended to place these elements in the following way: appliances and a kitchen sink need to be min. 15 cm apart; the distance from the freestanding refrigerator needs to be 5 cm for the door to open; the stove and the kitchen sink cannot be placed next to high elements so they don't get splashed.

Three little tricks in kitchen design


During design, you first need to think about precisely how you will use the kitchen. If you don't use the kitchen every day, first focus on the appearance of the kitchen. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, functionality is key, and then comes appearance.

The result is exactly the kitchen you want!