A kitchen that makes a house a home

Coffee will be served in a minute, and lunch prepared without stress. We have created elements for simple opening and closure, and practical inserts in your cabinets will simplify everyday activities. Nord kitchens are functional for cooks, and provide a smiling atmosphere for the family.

Nord kitchens designed by Mirjana Mikulec

Mirjana Mikulec is one of the leading interior designers in Croatia and beyond. Her special passion is the decoration of flats and her work is characterized by purity of expression combined with imaginative, unusual details that reveal and proudly emphasize the individuality of the space and its owners. These are the qualities of Designic Nord by Mirjana Mikulec!

Nord kuhinje by Mirjana Mikulec


Block kitchens

They are small but hold everything. The intelligent design and exceptional quality of production bring great pleasure with space savings.
Block kitchens hold all your glasses, plates and pots, and optimally placed elements make sure that you don’t have to wash dishes by hand or save on cooking accessories in small spaces.

Modular kitchens

Modular kitchens are the solution for everything. They also offer an unlimited possibility of creating and playing with details. You can see them in salons (link to points of sale), and then order them, adjusted to your home and your lifestyle. You choose the dimensions of the elements, worktop, fronts decor (doors and drawers) and handles according to your wishes.

With advice from professionals, the modular way of combining elements allows you to adjust the furniture to your needs.

Modular kitchen decors

The materials from renowned world manufacturers that we use in production guarantee exceptional quality, while our own production guarantees satisfaction with the construction down to the smallest detail.


Glossy or matt kitchen fronts are made of quality acrylic on MDF or chipboard.

Everyone who loves minimalism and simplicity has grown fond of satin, latte, white or curry from our classic series. One exceptional possibility is the relief finish, which really introduces elements of speciality and a high degree of processing into a kitchen. Relief finish classic, modern and rustic can very easily create a desired impression in your home or define a favourite decoration style.






Worktops come with a straight or rounded edge. They follow the latest trends with their appearance and imitate materials from nature. Wooden decor, colder marble or interesting concrete will define the style of your kitchen. Make sure it harmoniously fits your fronts.



Three little tricks in kitchen design


Adjust the height of the elements to yourself and the members of your household. The feet of basic elements can be 100 mm or 150 mm high, so tall members of the household do not need to stoop in the kitchen.

Three little tricks in kitchen design


When designing a kitchen, the position of the stove, refrigerator and sink is extremely important. If the space allows, it is recommended to place these elements in the following way: appliances and a kitchen sink need to be min. 15 cm apart; the distance from the freestanding refrigerator needs to be 5 cm for the door to open; the stove and the kitchen sink cannot be placed next to high elements so they don't get splashed.

Three little tricks in kitchen design


During design, you first need to think about precisely how you will use the kitchen. If you don't use the kitchen every day, first focus on the appearance of the kitchen. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, functionality is key, and then comes appearance.

The result is exactly the kitchen you want!