Shower hoses

Indispensable equipment that follows the design of the sophisticated bathrooms that this brand offers.

Design that comes with a 10-year warranty

Schmidler turns every bathroom into a comfort zone where quality and aesthetics come together.

Faucets and accessories are designed to last and to be used with a complete sense of satisfaction.


If the latest trends are your lifestyle and passion, then your living area should exude the same trendy tone.

A private home or business premises – Schmidler has solutions for both. Exceptional creativity, innovation and modernity guarantee that everyone will notice your bathroom.

Beauty as a whole and in the details

When decorating a bathroom, every detail should be considered. For example, the faucet is the visual highlight of the bathroom.

However, in harmony with showering elements and bathroom accessories, it makes a living area complete and brings a sense of satisfaction.

We guarantee more

As many as 10 years of warranty on bathroom products guarantee the quality of products, faucets and bathroom accessories, which were designed for you by experts with knowledge and experience.

Details invisible to the eye need to function for many years, and the finish must always look just as good.