The use of cookies

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What is a cookie?


A cookie is a small file that a website stores in a visitor’s computer or mobile device. A website uses cookies to record the visitor’s activities from previous visits. Although most Internet browsers allow the use of cookies, users can delete them at any moment or they can set an automatic ban on cookie storage in their Internet browser.


Every time a user opens a certain website, the Internet server can read the values stored in the cookies earlier. Cookies are mainly used to identify visitors, memorise specific user preferences, help with the entry of information that was entered during previous visits, collect data for analyses and marketing campaigns.


Which cookies does Nord Product use?


Nord Produkt uses necessary cookies (help with the basic technical features of a website), functional (improving the user experience), analytical (used to analyse the use of the website) and marketing cookies (used to monitor user interests).


Analytical and marketing cookies are set by an external website. This website exclusively uses the codes to measure the traffic of external Google Analytics pages and Facebook.


Every Internet browser has its own procedure for deleting cookies; here we present the procedures for most popular Internet browsers:


Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Microsoft Edge: